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About Our Firm

Complex Financial & Parenting Representation


The firm’s practice focuses on both the financial and parenting aspects of family law cases in King County:

  • Complex dissolution cases involving substantial estates, stock options, business and professional practice valuation, retirement assets, real property  valuation, dissipation or concealment of assets, separate property tracing and analysis, and spousal maintenance.

  • Analysis of the enforce-ability of Prenuptial Agreements and litigation of such agreements.

  • Complex parenting issues arising in dissolution cases

  • Cases in which legal proceedings are necessary to protect a child or spouse from abuse.

  • Child support issues arising in high-income/net worth families.

  • Jurisdictional disputes in family law cases filed in Washington.

  • Consultation regarding potential filing of a dissolution or legal separation.

  • Representation of family law clients in mediation and arbitration.

  • Hearings on parenting and financial matters.

  • Trial of family law cases that cannot be resolved through settlement.


Solutions in these complex cases are often achieved through the gathering and analysis of information and consultation with other professionals. These professionals may include C.P.A’s, forensic accountants, financial advisors, valuation experts, appraisers, vocational experts, estate planning and business attorneys, parenting evaluators, guardians ad litem, child psychologists and other mental health professionals. ​


Mediation Representation


  • The firm’s practice includes assisting clients in mediating their dissolution settlements. Most family law cases benefit from mediation at an appropriate point in the legal process – and most clients vastly prefer a mediated settlement to a court resolution. The timing of mediation varies from case to case, as mediation is only useful if both parties have the information necessary to settle their case. For example, valuations of assets or input from a parenting expert may first be needed.

  • Ms. Anderson works with clients on parenting and financial issues in a variety of mediation settings and can recommend skilled local mediators knowledgeable about the issues in dispute. Effective mediation requires preparation in advance of the first meeting with the mediator. Our firm can assist with mediation strategy and preparation.

  • Clients may choose to mediate without counsel present and to then consult with counsel between multiple mediation sessions. In this process, Ms. Anderson can assist the client with presenting information to the mediator, evaluating the proposals discussed in mediation and exploring ways to move the discussion forward if there is an impasse. In many cases, the issues and dynamics are such that Ms. Anderson attends a full day mediation with the client and takes the lead in negotiating the settlement.

  • Enforceable agreements must be in writing and, in some cases, in formats required by the Court. We assist clients in drafting both settlement proposals and settlement agreements, as well as the court documents required for their cases. We can also assist with documentation required for implementation of the settlement, such as quit claim deeds for real property. ​