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Complex Financial & Parenting Representation

The firm's practice focuses on both the financial and parenting aspects of family law cases in King County:

  • Complex dissolution cases involving substantial estates, stock options, business and professional practice valuation, retirement assets, real property valuation, dissipation or concealment of assets, separate property tracing and analysis, and spousal maintenance.
  • Analysis of the enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements and litigation of such agreements.
  • Complex parenting issues arising in dissolution cases
  • Cases in which legal proceedings are necessary to protect a child or spouse from abuse.
  • Child support issues arising in high-income/net worth families.
  • Jurisdictional disputes in family law cases filed in Washington.
  • Consultation regarding potential filing of a dissolution or legal separation.
  • Representation of family law clients in mediation and arbitration.
  • Hearings on parenting and financial matters.
  • Trial of family law cases that cannot be resolved through settlement.

Solutions in these complex cases are often achieved through the gathering and analysis of information and consultation with other professionals. These professionals may include C.P.A's, forensic accountants, financial advisors, valuation experts, appraisers, vocational experts, estate planning and business attorneys, parenting evaluators, guardians ad litem, child psychologists and other mental health professionals. ​